Aaba Group

Defence Equipment Services and R&D

Our work with the services: We manage a vast range of complex projects to buy and supply vital equipment and services that the Army need to operate effectively. The programme of work ranges from jets and warships through to armoured vehicles and field kitchens.

We stand of experience and innovation in armoured vehicles, weapons and ammunition and in the areas of air defence and electronics – including for the requirements of the navy and air force and for internal security. Whether it is for requirements specific to different branches of the armed forces or overall requirements, whether it is for external or internal security, the sector has a product portfolio of platforms and components, which are offered as individual and networked system solutions.

All development, production and service activities are geared towards ensuring the best possible protection for soldiers on deployment. AABA Group continuously sets new technological standards here: from vehicle, protection and weapon systems, through infantry equipment and air defence, to the networking of function sequences, electro-optics and simulation.