Aaba Group

Aircraft Parts & Equipments Suppliers

AABA Group has acquired proficiency in the area of designing and manufacturing of the items required to the Aviation Aircraft and Aerospace Industry. With sustained efforts and research and development, we did succeed in Indigenization of over 45 types of Test equipment phasing out old electro-mechanical technologies with state-of-the-art software-controlled devices for optimum accuracy and reliability. The equipment developed by us invariably use latest technologies using Micro-Processor, Micro-controllers and specially developed software. Products and services:

  • Ground Test Equipments
  • Guided Missile Testers
  • Rocket Pod Testers
  • Fuel Flow Testers
  • Auto Pilot Testers
  • Flight Data Recorder Testers
  • Air Borne Equipments
  • Cable Looms and Aero Accesories

We are an international spare parts supplier and distributor of consumable components, lubricants and other materials to the aviation industry.

In addition to the supply of parts, we have links with numerous major manufacturers with immediate stock at competitive prices. This enables us to draw from their stocks and when necessary reducing the waiting time for the parts our customer needs.

We provide your preferred condition at competitive prices. Let us do the hard work for you